Vantu accused of forging papers to leave country

“Legal action started against me” said former Realitatea TV owner, adding that paper dates from 2003, when he was not forbidden to leave country.

Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was arrested yesterday by the police. The businessman is suspected to have intended to leave the country using forged papers. Vantu was carried by special police forces at the General Prosecutor’s Office, where he remained for about an hour. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Vantu, aided by other people, allegedly used forged identity papers to get identity card and passport from the authorities in the Republic of Moldova, documents with his picture but data belonging to an unknown person.
“The Prosecutor’s Office with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), the criminal investigation section, were alerted that the authorities in the Republic of Moldova released an identity card and a passport on the name of a Moldovan citizen, where pictures were attached which did not belong to the aforementioned citizen. The image on the personal file of the Moldovan citizen was forwarded to the Romanian authorities who saw, by some features, that is similar to that of Romanian citizen Sorin Ovidiu Vantu,” reads a press release quoted by Mediafax.
Following the investigations conducted by the Romanian authorities, it was established “with certainty” through a techno-scientific expertise, that the image in the personal file of the abovementioned Moldovan citizen pictures Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, said the Prosecutor’s Office of the supreme court.
Upon leaving the Prosecutor’s Office, the businessman said the prosecutors started legal action because he allegedly forged an identity card, saying that the document dates back in 2003, when he had no interdiction to leave the country. Vantu said he does not know who made that card, saying his picture “is all over the Internet.” According to him, the prosecutors are to conduct investigations and to travel to R. of Moldova to analyze the documents of the authorities there, and after they see the documents, they will have to reach the “solution that is necessary.”
Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was released from Jilava Penitentiary in May 2013, after a year of prison for blackmailing businessman Sebastian Ghita. Vantu also has a sentence of two years being accused of favoring Nicolae Popa, former manager of Gelsor. The rule of the Bucharest Tribunal and confirmed by the Court of Appeal in June 2013 is not final, being appealed.
In another file, the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office with the Supreme Court sued Vantu, along with Liviu Luca, Octavian Turcan, former directors of Petromservice Gheorghe Supeala and Zizi Anagnostopol, in the file of Petromservice embezzlement, with more than EUR 83.5 million in damages. Petromservice embezzlement file is tried at Bucharest Tribunal. He is also under trial in the file of the National Investment Fund (FNI) embezzlement, accused of money laundering and instigation to embezzlement. As if it had not been enough, the businessman is under investigation by DIICOT prosecutors, along other ten persons, for money laundering and embezzlement of the patrimony of the Association of Employees of SNP Petrom, with an estimated damage of about EUR 12 million.

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