Victor Ponta: Energy system – in danger, current minister more incompetent and destructive than ‘technocrats’


Deputy Victor Ponta claims that Romania’s energy system is in danger, and that the current minister is actually guilty of this situation, given his “incompetence”.

“Yesterday, August 7, Romania imported almost 1,000 MW of energy (mostly from Hungary – a country that has neither coal, nor gas, nor a nuclear power plant)! Throughout 2016, we have warned the technocrat government that the energy system is in danger – but there was no one to talk to. However, I told people that if they voted for PSD – ALDE [Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats – ed.n] things will get better – unfortunately it’s worse than before! The current Energy Minister is even more incompetent, more of a liar, more arrogant and destructive than the ‘technocrats’ (although I thought something like that was impossible),” the former prime minister wrote on his Facebook page.

He argues that energy imports and the prices’ tripling represent a failure of the current governing.

“Only scams – at Cernavoda only talks with Groups 3 and 4, at the CEO [Oltenia Energy Complex] all former democrat-liberals are back to ‘plundering’, at Hidroelectrica nothing is being done because Liviu Dragnea hasn’t decided who will get it in exchange for pictures and handshakes! That’s how we have reached triple prices and energy imports! And it will get even worse!” Victor Ponta said.