Virtual tours of Romania’s National Art Museum starting April 30

Virtual tours of Romania’s National Arts Museum (MNAR) are available starting April 30, MNAR Director General Roxana Theodorescu reports. ‘We hope that our museum can now be easier to visit,’ said Theodorescu, voicing hope that the online visitors will in the end visit the museum halls in person. The virtual tours will introduce the public to MNAR’s permanent galleries and satellite museums – the Museum of Arts Collections, the K.H. Zambaccian Museum and the Theodor Pallady Museum.
The tours were created jointly with Imago Factory. Exhibits carry a title, the name of their authors, date of creation, while some have additional details (school, size), all available on the web site. Imago Factory’s Emilian Savescu told Agerpres that the tour comprises nearly 8,000 pictures and 200 panoramas, all totaling 800 GB of data. MNAR was established in 1948 in the building of the old Royal Palace of Bucharest. It has one of the largest collections of paintings in Romania. In 1950, the first gallery of the museum, the national arts gallery, opened.
In the violent clashes of the December 1989 Revolution, the building was nearly 80 per cent danged, with more than 1,000 exhibits defaced or destroyed. The museum was closed 1990-2000 for refurbishment and redesign. For the time of its closure, the museum mounted only temporary exhibitions in the building and abroad.
In May 2000 the Gallery of European Arts, the Gallery of Modern Romanian Arts (March 2001) and the Gallery of Old Romanian Arts (April 2002) opened successively. In June 4, 2013, after vast consolidation and refurbishment works on the building after the restoration of important works of the museum, the Museum of Arts Collections reopened in the old Romanit Palace. The Grigore Antipa Museum, the Romanian Village Museum (MTR) and the Museum of Romania’s History, all in Bucharest, also offer visual tours of their collections.

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