Voiculescu heard by DNA prosecutors, accused of corruption deeds


Founding chairman of the Conservative Party, Dan Voiculescu was summoned last evening at the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), according to judicial sources, quoted by realitatea.net. According to this source, the reasons for his summoning are still not known, but it might be in connection with the Mircea Basescu-Bercea Mondial case. Sources quoted by Realitatea TV say he is accused of corruption deeds in a new file. On the other hand, DNA on Wednesday requested a certified copy of the statement given by Marian Capatana, the intermediary of the money Bercea’s family has allegedly given to the President’s brother to intercede with the magistrates who handled the case where the father of the denouncer was being tried for attempted murder. Late on Wednesday, Dan Voiculescu announced he will sue Marian Capatana, after he accused him of financing Bercea’s clan with one million euros, to get involved Basescu’s family in the corruption scandal. Voiculescu will seek 100,000 euros in compensation for moral damages.