WB, Romanian officials drawing up Danube Delta economic development strategy


Representatives of the Department for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise, the Business Milieu and Tourism (DIMMMAT) on Wednesday welcomed Hannah Messerli and Milena Nikolova, tourism development specialists at the World Bank, to draw up, together with the public administration of Tulcea a strategy for the economic development of the Danube Delta, Agerpres reports. ‘Our main objective is to preserve the natural heritage of the Danube Delta, develop tourism and related activities without damaging the ecosystem,’ said DIMMMAT State Secretary George Constantin Brezoi. The meeting was requested by World Bank representatives following the conduct of a study that indicates that tourism is the most profitable economic activity in the Danube Delta region. Starting from the study and in order to use tourism as an instrument for economic development, the regional tourism strategy has to be harmonised with the relevant national policy.