We celebrate 20 years of excellence in transport and logistics services on the Romanian market

Interview with VIOREL LECA, Managing Director GEBRUDER WEISS.

Both Gebrüder Weiss Austriaand Gebrüder WeissRomania are companies witha long history. How has businessevolved in Romania?

Indeed, the GW group ischaracterised by a long history.The mother company has over500 years of experience in transportand logistics. As regards thelocal business, this year we celebrate20 years of excellence intransport and logistics serviceson the Romanian market. Eversince 1994 we implemented astrategy of expansion that consistedin making importantinvestments in offices, warehouses,equipment and qualifiedpersonnel, so today GebrüderWeiss Romania relies on anational infrastructure throughits own logistic platform with 6logistical cross-docking terminalslocated in Giurgiu, Arad,Sibiu, Cluj, Bacau and Craiova.

Why did you decide to relocatethe Bucharest headquarterand what are the mainadvantages of the BolintinDeal terminal?

Since 27 April 2009, allBucharest divisions, with theexception of Air & Sea, arestrategically located on the A1motorway, near Bolintin Deal,at a distance of just 12 km fromthe old headquarters. The relocationto the new building was aconsequence of the need to conductthe activities specific to thisindustry in a larger area, as wecould use more advanced technology.At present, we providecomplex services and come withmore efficient solutions for ourcustomers and partners. Thelocation includes approximately8,500 sq.m. of storage space,2,500 sq.m. of cross-dockingspace and 16,500 sq.m. of storagespace in Europolis (A1motorway, km. 13).

What do logistics solutionsmean in 2014, given the permanentadaptation to thechanges occurring on such adynamic market?

Modern logistic impliesmore than an efficient exchangeof merchandise and information.Intelligent and sustainablemanagement relies on the competenceof logistics experts,which devise long-term solutions.As provider of completelogistical services, we act accordingto this idea.From supply to delivery andfrom individual shipments tomass distribution, the logisticsof GW devises customised logisticalsolutions for the entirechain of supply. The wellthoughtand customised logisticalsolutions and a perfectly synchronisedtransport networkensure the decisive advantage.The smart storage solutions providean optimal level of stocksand a rapid movement of thefreight, while precise outsourcingensures a more efficientmanagement.

What are the most importanttargets of GW for 2014 ?

And what can you tell usabout GW customers?In 2014, Gebrüder Weissaims at achieving several objectives,which are: increasing thecustomer portfolio, consolidatingits position on theRomanian market and positioningitself in the premium zoneof the logistics market by providingquality services.Presently, the customerstructure of Gebrüder Weiss iswell-balanced, so we have customersfrom all industries: automotive,IT&C, building materials,telecommunications, oil &gas, FMCG, white goods.

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