We will continue to focus on offering the best experience for our clients

Interview with CHRISTINE TOMASIN, German Austrian Desk Coordinator in the CorporateInvestment Banking Division of UniCredit Tiriac Bank.

What does UniCredit Tiriac offerInternational clients, especiallyAustrian and what sets the bank apartfrom the other financial institutions onthis segment?What are the mainadvantages?

Being familiar with culture, languages,business and legal environment enables usto better recognize opportunities and risks.Dedicated relationship managers withthese specific skills service our clients withproducts tailor-made to the needs of thecompanies which want to grow successfullyin Romania. Furthermore our customersbenefit from uniform product features andhigh quality processes to ensure rapidclient service. We always try to balance thehighest added value possible and advantagesfor our clients with cost efficientservices.

How important is it to your Austrian clients that you are part of a bigEuropean bank, with a strong presencein their origin market as well, andwhy?

It is quite important, because ourclients can benefit from our expertise andexperience across Europe.UniCredit is a leading European commercialbank with an international networkspanning 50 markets, with morethan 9,000 branches and over 148,000employees. The Group operates in 17European countries.UniCredit benefits from a strongEuropean identity, extensive internationalpresence and broad customer base.Its strategic position in Western andEastern Europe gives the group one of theregion’s highest market shares.We are at home in Europe’s dynamicmarkets. Beyond our home markets youcan draw on our specialized services worldwidethrough high-level experts and 4.400partner banks around the globe.

What are some of the solutions you implemented in the benefit of your clients?

Banking in a foreign country mightseem a challenge and it is important tohave a reliable financial partner. And this isthe kind of comfort we try to offerUniCredit clients. Supported by their relationshipmanagers in their home countries,they can profit of a transparent process andclearly described requirements.The Cross Border lending ensures ourclients a quick and non-bureaucratic accessto working capital, investment financingand issuance of bonds.Flash Payment is our solution for simple,quick and safe cross border payments.With Flash Payment, our customers savetime and money and a preferred value datingof just one day even outside the EUcountries.Financing solutions for companiesactive in the agricultural sector duringtheir entire season such as pre-financing ofAPIA subsidies, crop and stock financingare essential tools to better sustain the liquidityof the companies and consequentlyto successfully navigate their businesses.Another segment is represented bybridge and co-financing of investmentswith EU subsidies. Our bank set up aEuropean Competence Center whichcompiles and analyzes all information relevantto the EU, such as EU subsidies andEU programs, servicing our customerswith individual proposals.Trade Finance offers a variety ofoptions to enhance the commercial tradeactivities of our clients with Letters ofCredit, Documentary Collections andGuarantees, as well as with all kinds oftrade related financing such asfactoring/forfeiting, ECA-covered financeand commodity trade finance. Our bestpractice is to combine experience, networkproximity and state of the art technologyto provide our customers tailor-made solutionsthat fit their needs.

What are some of the plans you havefor 2014, in terms of client servicing,but not only?

We would like to stimulate the enthusiasmfor new investments in Romaniathrough financing options with attractiveconditions.UniCredit Tiriac Bank is a top fiveplayer in the Romanian banking system,with approx. 7.6% market share in 2013.The bank has a solid presence on the corporatemarket and a growing coverage ofthe retail segment – boosted by the acquisitionof the retail portfolio of RBS Romanialast year.We strive to be an easy to deal withpartner and will continue to focus onoffering the best experience for our clients.

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