What do you expect from the relations with Romania this year?

At the end of January, Nine O’Clock launched the initiative of publishing a special supplement dedicated to the foreign policy of Romania in 2014 and the bilateral relations between our country and the states that have ambassadors accredited in Bucharest. Two questions were asked, with this regard:
1. What are your expectations in 2014 regarding the relations with Romania, from the standpoint of the bilateral political and economic ties and also from the point of view of international co-operation?
2. What are, in your view, the main challenges the EU and the international community will have to face this year?
Unfortunately, the supplement could not be published last month. Meanwhile, some of the interlocutors left Romania, such as the ambassador of Spain, who was reassigned from Bucharest to Buenos Aires. Let alone the events on the international stage, such as those in Ukraine, which concern to the highest degrees the states of NATO and EU, including Romania. This explains the fact that you will not find mentions to these events in the following answers.
As it was normal, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlatean presents the priorities of the Romanian foreign politics, in the opening of the supplement.

You can read the entire supplement Romania’s foreign policy and envoys’ expectations on  in the printed edition of Nine O’Clock dated March 14, 2014.

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