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December 5, 2022

Agriculture Minister accuses Liberals of the ministry’s difficult situation

Agriculture Minister, Ilie Sarbu, declared yesterday that he would like the Liberals to file a simple motion over agriculture in order to present the “disastrous” situation that he found in this sector when he assumed the portfolio of the ministry, Agerpres informs.

Sarbu declared: “I would be happy if PNL makes this move, because it gives me the possibility to show from the rostrum of Parliament the disaster that I found at the Ministry of Agriculture, in figures and data, not in stories.”

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the accusations that the Liberals bring to the way in which the situation is managed in this domain is a method through which PNL practically acknowledges that it left a very difficult situation at the ministry. He reproached them: “To have the impudence and say, you who created a disaster, that it is a disaster in Agriculture, means to recognize that we have found a disaster.”

Minister Sarbu referred also to the situation of the 60 directors dismissed from the Agency of Payments and Interventions for Agriculture (APIA). “Some of them have not left, they want to go to court, there are all sorts of discussions, but probably next week the Constitutional Court will rule over our emergency ordinance and they will be dismissed anyway. According to my understanding, some 15 of them have not resigned, the others have resigned, or were appointed in other positions,” Sarbu said. The Minister of Agriculture explained that the respective directors, although they had big salaries, bonuses and other benefits, have not fulfilled their professional duties.

He pointed out that the strategy of development of agriculture was presented to the Executive, having to be submitted for debate to Parliament and then discussed with President Basescu. Sarbu assured that the existence of two parallel strategies – one worked out at the Ministry of Agriculture and another one at Cotroceni Palace – is out of question; there will be only one such document, which will be assumed by all the involved institutions. He also spoke about the process of decentralization in agriculture, showing that this will be done through an emergency ordinance, not before a consultation with the presidents of county councils.

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