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January 16, 2022

Giulesti triple murder perpetrators, Swiss Jean Pierre Sgueglia, sentenced to life imprisonment

The Court of Appeal of Bucharest on Tuesday sentenced Swiss citizen Jean Pierre Sgueglia, found guilty of the triple murder committed in Giulesti (Bucharest) in 2005, to life imprisonment, ‘Gardianul’ reports. The decision is not final. The relatives of the victims thanked the Court for its ‘fair’ decision yesterday. Apart from the damages awarded by the Bucharest Tribunal, the Court of Appeal also ordered the defendant to pay the daughter of the spouses murdered in 2005 an EUR 400 per month from the day of the murder until their coming of age. The Court also ordered the Pantazi family to continue to offer the juvenile professional psychological help which is given by the state free of charge. The Court also told the victims’ relatives they would receive notice if the convict was to be released or transferred in order for them to ask for protection. Sgueglia shot his lover Alina Marilena Pantazi (23), her husband Valentin (35) and Alina’s mother. The Swiss went to his lover’s home with a gun and shot the three victims before the eyes of the Pantazi’s four-year old girl.

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