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February 3, 2023


Over 100 MPs oppose simultaneous elections

PNL and UDMR MPs have embraced PSD’s legislative initiative for the prevention of any possible attempt to holding presidential elections at the same time with any other election in Romania.

The legislative initiative of PSD Deputy Adrian Nastase seeking to clarify the date of the presidential and European parliamentary elections has received the support of 112 members of Parliament and was tabled in the Senate, yesterday, according to Agerpres. Eugen Nicolaescu said the draft would also remove all speculation launched by PD-L on the possibility of coupling presidential and European elections.

‘PD-L has tried to suggest the coupling of the presidential election with other elections, or that the presidential election should be held before the end of the president’s term, proposals that I believe to be non-constitutional. This is the way to remove all possible temptation,’ the PNL vice-president told Antena 3 TYV.

According to Nastase’s draft law, ‘the election of the President of Romania will be held on the first Sunday 30 days prior to the expiration date of the incumbent president’s term in office. The election date shall be decided and made public by the Government no more than 45 days before the election takes place.’

Boagiu: We can learn from Tunisia’s tourism experience

Romania supports Tunisia in developing future projects with the European Union, but it can also learn from the Tunisian experience in the sector of tourism, Senate Deputy Speaker Anca Boagiu (PD-L) stated after her talks to Salah Tabarki, Chairman of the Political Affairs and External Relations of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Tunisia during his visit to Bucharest, yesterday, Agerpres informs. Boagiu explained she and her guest had talked about Tunisia’s wish to obtain ‘an advanced status’ in its relations with the European Union, as well as about the bilateral co-operation in the economic and cultural fields. Anca Boagiu also said a Romanian-Tunisian had been set up to identify areas of co-operation that was ready to present priority domains primarily from an economic point of view and secondarily in the field of culture.

TVR intends to broadcast Parliament meetings live

The General Manager of the public television station, Alexandru Sassu suggested the Parliament that the meetings of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies might be broadcast live, Antena 3 reported. His proposal was included in a letter sent to the management of the Chamber of Deputies before the analysis of the TVR activity report, which, if overruled, would result in Sassu’s dismissal.

“In the spirit of the public service mission, for the proper informing of the citizens on the activity of the Romanian Parliament, the Romanian Television company is willing to broadcast live the meetings of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies,” Sassu declared in the letter sent to the President of the Chamber, Roberta Anastase, as quoted by ‘Evenimentul Zilei.’ The MPs already decided to authorize Roberta Anastase (PD – L) and the Vice-President Bogdan Olteanu (PNL) to negotiate with the public TV station.

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Popoviciu, Pitcovici and Serban remain free while under investigation

The High Court of Cassation and Justice dismissed on Wednesday evening an appeal filed by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) against a verdict whereby the former head of the Directorate General of Information and Internal Protection (DGIPI), Cornel Serban, Petru Petcovici, an officer with the General Anti-corruption Directorate, and businessman Gabriel Popoviciu are to be inquired while they remain free. The verdict is final. The deliberations lasted for nine hours, during which the three accused were heard. After the Court pronounced the verdict, Cornel Serban said the ruling ‘is a first step towards finding the truth, to normality.’

Businessman Gabriel Popoviciu said he was ‘a target of Ioan Motoc, who prompted the meeting and tried to create a case.’ ‘The development of the investigation made me afraid of the frailty of criminal proceedings being instituted,’ Popoviciu also said, who declared he is ‘ready’ to face Gigi Becali in case he will take the Baneasa land tract issue to legal authorities.

Tariceanu vs. Boc lawsuit moves to District 5 Court

The magistrates of District 6 Court decided yesterday to transfer to District 5 Court the file in which the former premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu sued the current head of the Executive, Emil Boc, for slandering declarations regarding Sterling deal, Agerpres reports. At the hearing of Thursday of the lawsuit, Tariceanu’s lawyer requested to transfer the file to District 5 Court, under whose jurisdiction is Parliament, the place where the declarations were made.

On another hand, Valeriu Stoica, who represents Emil Boc, requested to transfer the file to Cluj where the current Premier lives. In this lawsuit, Tariceanu accuses Boc of having slandered him in connection with the passing of the Governmental Resolution no. 1446/2008 regarding the approval of the Additional Act no. 11 to the contract of exploration and sharing of production for two blocks from the Black Sea, concluded between the National Agency for Mineral Resources and Sterling Resources Ltd. According to the document submitted to court, Emil Boc accused Calin Popescu Tariceanu of having violated the law and prejudiced the interests of Romania, premeditating “an affair in favour of some groups of interests.”

Tariceanu sued also the president of the Commission on industries of the Chamber of Deputies, Iulian Iancu, from whom he requests damages of RON 100,000 in connection with his declarations connected with Sterling affair.

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