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April 12, 2021

At 143rd anniversary of Academy foundation, Ionel Haiduc complains of low research funds

The President of the Romanian Academy Ionel Haiduc expressed his opinion that Romania was unable to invest properly in research and therefore it was surpassed by all European countries, except for Cyprus, by the GDP quota invested for research.

Haiduc said on Thursday, during a festive meeting organized on the occasion of the 143rd anniversary of the foundation of the Romanian Academy that a report recently published by the European Commission stipulated that “during the crisis, Europe should not cut back the investment for research.” “Romania must join these objectives if it wants to keep up with the European standards,” Haiduc added.

Presenting a series of statistical data referring to the situation of research in the European countries, Haiduc declared that Romania was at the bottom of the standings.

This is a genuine shame in the research investment chart – due to its total investments in research, its number of researchers, the production resulted in this research, the number of articles published in magazines of international circulation and the number of attendants to the European research programs, Haiduc said.

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