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February 26, 2021

Natural gas price to be reduced by 3 pc as of May 1

The prices charged for natural gas shall be reduced by 3 per cent as of May 1, as PM Emil Boc announced on Friday evening, specifying that he had been debriefed in this respect by the president of the National Regulatory Agency in the Field of Energy (ANRE). “ANRE managed to adopt a very important decision, which is to reduce the gas price by 3 per cent as of May 1. I was informed by the president of the Agency that following the analysis made, there is this option to reduce the gas price by 3 per cent as of May 1”, Boc said, according to Antena3. ANRE president, Petru Lificiu, said, at the end of March, that the gas prices could be reduced by 3 per cent on April 1, but ANRE had decided to maintain them in order to enable the distributors to recover part of the loss registered in 2008. He added that the prices could decrease in autumn. A decrease in the gas price is anticipated also by Economy Minister, Adriean Videanu, considering the downward trend in the crude oil price. “Currently, Ministry of Economy is in contact with the potential gas suppliers, in order to establish prices advantageous for Romania and in order to start the storage stage for the winter time, a stage which started on April 1”, Videanu said.

Gazprom seals deal with Azeri oil company

The natural gas from Azerbaijan could depart to Russia, following that the Russian energy supplier Gazprom had signed a memorandum with Azerbaijan state run oil company, addressing the acquisition of natural gas, starting January 2010. The European Union regarded Azerbaijan as an option to the delivery of Russian gas and it relied on it for the supply of Nabucco gas pipe. Based on the information published on Gazprom company official web site, the Azeri gas shall be delivered mainly to the Russian Republic Daghestan. Gazprom and Azerbaijan shall conclude a long term contract in this respect. The officials of the Russian company are confident that the Europeans cannot pay the former Soviet country a better price for gas, compared to the one proposed by Russia. The plans of the Europeans related to the supply of Nabucco gas pipe were envisaging the use of the Azeri gas into a first stage and then a mixture would have been used with gas supplied from Central Asia and possible from other states.

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