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March 23, 2023

PM’s meeting with the MPs on IMF – postponed until tomorrow

The meeting of the representatives of the Government and those of the Parliament to discuss the agreement with the International Monetary Fund has been postponed until tomorrow, according to Agerpres. The debates were scheduled for yesterday afternoon.

PM Emil Boc was supposed to explain to the members of the Standing Bureaus of the Parliament the ramifications of the loan agreement signed with the IMF and with the European Commission. The leaders of the coalition agreed that the meeting of the heads of the two chambers to which the PM and the ministers with competences in the implementation of the loan agreement should take place on Wednesday and not on Monday, as it had been originally established, because the IMF had not replied to the letter of intent, PSD Vice-President Gheorghe Nichita said.

From another point of view, the PSD representative also said that, yesterday, the ruling coalition leaders decided to start a series of talks with labour unions and with the business environment about the lump sum tax before making a decision in the Government and in the coalition.

More exactly, according to a draft emergency ordinance, mini-enterprises shall pay an annual minim tax of RON 6,500 if the regular tax representing three per cent of their revenue is smaller than that value. Companies with no more than nine workers and an annual turnover of no more than EUR 100,000 can choose between paying a tax representing 3 per cent of revenue or 16 per cent of the profit.

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