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February 27, 2021

Romanian artists attend Balkan Trafik Festival

The host of the festival will be the prestigious art institution BOZAR (Palais des Beaux – Arts), which will host a numerous audience from fifteen countries. The central theme of the festival is the reunion, in the heart of Europe, of the cultures of various countries located in the southeast of the continent and the intercultural exchanges between countries of this region.

During the three days of the festival, artists of Albania, Belgium, France, UK, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia – Herzegovina and Serbia will appear on stage.

Romania, a constant presence of the previous editions, will be represented in the music and dance section by the Junii Sibiului Ensemble, choreographed by Silvia Macrea. The ensemble will consist of six pairs of dancers and six musicians and will appear on the stage of the festival on April 17 and 18.

The ensemble will have a few appearances in a workshop-like event, teaching dance lovers some of their traditional steps. The audience is encouraged to join the artists during this workshop and to attend a complete performance of the entire ensemble on the stage of the festival.

“It will be an artistic feast and a demonstration of unequalled virtuosity and talent, in the gorgeous Romanian folklore outfits. The harmonious combination of music with the complexity and the beauty of the costumes is an opportunity to show the Belgian audience and foreign guests the Romanian folklore traditions, inviting them to discover these by immediate attendance of the workshops, beside the artists,” the organizers declared. Moreover, for this edition of the festival, the organizers requested Nicolas Hauzeur, a great Belgian folklore musician, and Gabor Varga, a Hungarian dancer and choreographer, to work on the show to be presented in the main evening of the festival. The two artists decided to realize a production focused on traditional (Hungarian and Romanian) Roma dances from Transylvania. The show will be hosted by the famous auditorium Henry le Boeuf, the greatest concert hall of Palace des Beaux – Arts, with a capacity of 2,200 seats. Beside the artistic intention to provide an accurate image of the culture of Romas living in this region, the project also intends to incorporate music and dance events of other regions in a theatre performance that features several styles that, despite of their differences, may be combined in order to create a great and well – conceived structure. The production named “RomAroma 100 per cent Balkan Trafik” is a premiere of this edition of the festival and will require a team of fifteen artists, seven musicians and eight dancers. Nicolas Wieers, artistic manager of the festival included, beside the schedule of the festival, the show by a group of teenagers, members of the Circus Parade Foundation in Bucharest.

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