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September 17, 2021

Two additional performances of “Parisina D’Este”, following tremendous success at ONB

“Parisina D’Este” by Gaetano Donizetti, starring soprano Aurelia Florian (Parisina) and tenor Bogdan Mihai (Ugo), fabulously prepared by the famous Mariana Nicolesco, will have two more performances in May, after the recent success at the National Opera House of Bucharest (ONB), where the score was performed in abso­lute premiere in Romania Beside the two young artists, the cast of the show includes the bass Horia Sandu (Ernesto), the baritone Dorin Mara (Azzo) and the mezzo-soprano Mihaela Ispan (Imelda), accompanied on piano by Ioana Maxim in a performance conceived by the great Romanian soprano Mariana Nicolesco. Nick­named “The Queen of Belcanto”in Italy, the home of opera, Mariana Nicolesco declared before the performance that, due to her wish that her expectations would be fulfilled by the success of her young trainees, she was more excited during this premiere than during her own appearances on various stages of the world, as the protagonist of some of the most valuable masterpieces of lyrical art. “The combination of two superb worlds, “bel” (beautiful) and “canto” (singing), the expression “belcanto”intensifies both of them exponentially, defining a style and an art level, which is a supreme demonstration of the virtuosity of the lyrical artist,”Mariana Nicolesco declared. The following performances were scheduled on May 2 at the Peles Castle and on May 5 at the residence of the National Opera House.
The success of the Bucharest performance was also mentioned on the website of the prestigious Doni­zetti Society in London: “Parisina D’Este, in concert version, produced by the National Opera House of Bucharest, under the guidance of the great soprano Mariana Nicolesco.”

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