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February 4, 2023

Press accuses Patriciu’s support for Prince Radu’s presidential bid

The two dismiss the accusations.

In a speech at Elisabeta Palace Thursday evening, Prince Radu announced his plan to run for president of Romania, saying he has no intention to restore monarchy, as changing the form of government is not a presidential prerogative.

Prince Radu insisted he would run as an independent candidate, saying he’s running for president is aimed at taking Romania out of the current political and institutional deadlock, adding that were he to win, he would be a guarantor of justice independence and the rule of law. ‘I’m not here to hurl stones at anybody, but lay the groundwork for a respectable Romania,’ he said, according to Mediafax.

In the wake of Prince Radu’s announcement, rumours in the national press spoke of his presidential bid being supported by one of Dinu patriciu’s men. Further more, the press wrote the businessman himself allegedly endorsed the prince in the race for the head of state, while also supporting the national Liberal Party (PNL) president, Crin Antonescu.

Prince Radu denied any support from Dinu Patriciu, stressing he will run as an independent. ‘This is a gross lie I will dismantle on my soon-to-be-opened website ‘opritiminciunile.ro’ (stop the lies). . He described Dinu Patriciu as a ‘Liberal leader’ who is sure to back his own candidate for president.

For his part, Patriciu called Prince Radu’s presidential bid ‘romantic’, emphasizing he ‘fully’ backs Crin Antonescu in the race for Cotroceni, as he is the ‘only candidate who stands all the chances to be elected.’
‘I see Prince Radu’s bid as romantic, yet his time hasn’t come yet. There is but one candidate who has all the chances to be elected in this election: Crin Antonescu. I believe all who want to prevent the sliding towards Traian Basescu’s irrational dictatorship must rally behind him. I fully back Crin Antonescu,’ Patriciu said.

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