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December 7, 2022

Lupescu: No agreement with Piturca

Ioan Angelo Lupescu, the general director of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF), stated on Monday for Mediafax that he has reached no agreement with head coach Victor Piturca on the EUR 250,000 offer for the cancellation of his contract, underlining that the contract will be unilaterally cancelled.

‘I haven’t reached any agreement; we have different points of view. He considers that we still have mathematical chances to qualify. He told me: ‘give me all the money and we will cancel the contract,’ however we were unable to reach a compromise. I don’t know what the next step will be; he will probably resort to an international body, probably FIFA, in order to file a complaint. The FRF’s contract with Piturca will be unilaterally cancelled because of his failure to attain the goal, namely to qualify for the World Cup tournament. We will make all the legal overtures this week,’ Lupescu stated. Head coach Victor Piturca stated for Mediafax that he refused to amicably cancel the contract and pointed out that he will express his point of view during a press conference scheduled the following days. FRF had proposed Piturca the cancelling of his contract after the national football team lost almost all chances of qualifying for the World Cup 2010 tournament.

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