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March 2, 2021

Radu Duda wants to open current account for campaign contributions

Prince Radu Duda announced, on Monday evening on the public TV station, that he intended to open a current account for election campaign donations. ‘It will be a contribution that will make people more responsible,’ said Duda.

‘The money is extraordinarily necessary, but wisdom can also be a good source of money. I intend to open a public current account with a bank very soon. Anyone who make a contribution will first of all enjoy the proud of being there, of being in the front’, said Prince Duda.

‘The fund I have mentioned is a fund of the many, not a fund of the few with a lot of money,’ he also said. Regarding the support of Betsy Myers, Executive Director of Barack Obama’s campaign, Prince Radu said she would only take part in his campaign at a consultative level. Duda stressed the fact that his campaign would be made by an exclusively Romanian team.

According to the prince, his campaign is intended ‘as a model campaign, a good, dignifying, respectable exercise of making steps on the way of democracy’. ‘I believe democracy can be also done with dignity, with humbleness, with good measure and with professionalism. You don’t have to be an exotic figure to be convincing,’ said Duda.

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