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March 2, 2021

Rise in temperatures could lead to desertification of southern Romania

In the absence of urgent measures, the temperature hikes registered lately will lead to the desertification of southern Romania, with visible effects in the next ten years, a Government document shows, ‘Gandul’ daily wrote yesterday. The document was written on the basis of data received from the European Environment Agency.

The document shows that southern Europe will be the worst hit by the drought, a drought that will be felt throughout the year through a 5 to 7 degree hike in temperatures and a continuous 20 to 40 per cent drop in rainfall.

Dobrogea, Oltenia, southern Walachia and Banat will be the worst hit regions in Romania. Romania is among the first countries to be affected by these changes, alongside Spain, Italy and Greece. The climate changes will influence the ecosystems, the human settlements and the infrastructure across the economic and social life in Romania, the document points out. The climate and soil changes will have an impact on agricultural yields, being estimated that the wheat production will drop by approximately 10 per cent for every one-degree hike in temperatures. The aforementioned source also points out that urgent measures are needed in order to prevent such a situation, the measures including the start of an intense deforestation program.

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