Aviva: One quarter of Romanians would have taken fewer credits should they know about the crisis

One quarter of the Romanians would have borrowed less or a lower value should they have known that an economic crisis would emerge, whereas nearly one half of the households, or 49 per cent respectively, would have saved more, based on a survey conducted by Aviva, a press release informs. More than half of the Romanians believe that their own current financial status is entirely triggered by decisions made 1-2 years ago and they would start a saving plan in order to have access to a money reserve in time of economic crisis, should they be able to reverse time, the survey outlines.

Thus, 48.57 per cent of respondents said that should they be able to reverse time by one or two years, they would have chosen to invest higher amounts, and 52.5 per cent of them wished they had been sufficiently inspired at that time to invest in EUR. On the other side, 57 per cent of the Romanians believe that their current financial situation is entirely due to the decisions made one or two years ago, and 37.38 per cent of them believe that should they have saved /invested some money at that time, they would have enjoyed a better financial situation at this moment.

In addition, 65.1 per cent of the respondents believe that in order to have a decent pension when retiring, one needs to save constantly or to invest an amount, even if this is little, but the number of those actually taking act in this respect is very low.

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