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May 24, 2022

HVI: Jobs in sales, on great demand during times of crisis

Jobs in sales are on high demand during this time of crisis, according to Value International (HVI), an HR consulting, organizational audit and staff relocation strategies company, in Eastern Europe, following a study conducted in relation to the job market, Agerpres informs.

The conclusion following this inquiry indicates that after Q1 of 2009, one can tell that all fields were affected by the global crisis, these changes having serious consequences on human resource area. Most of the companies have adopted a cost cut strategy, based on cuts in salaries and in number of jobs, and within this context, they have become very interested in achieving a global overview on the business they conduct and, at the same time, on finding the appropriate persons for implementing the strategies adopted. Thus, the employers focus on the sales departments, which generate business development, an aspect that led to a real advance in the demand for jobs in this field. Petra Votisky, HVI country manager, believes that in order to be successful companies need the best persons for their sales departments. According to experts, companies face difficulties in defining the sales profiles adequate for crisis, since the skills required prior to crisis do not appear to be necessarily at this moment.

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