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September 27, 2021


Hanescu forfeits in Barcelona

Romanian tennis player Victor Hanescu has forfeited his first round game in the ATP tournament in Barcelona. The Romanian took the decision in the game’s decisive set, at the score of 2-2. Hanescu had won the first set (6-4), while Spain’s Nicolas Almagro had won the second one, score 7-6 (9-7).

Oltchim honorably exits the League

Oltchim has registered only a draw (21-21) in the second leg of its semifinal fixture against Viborg. Thus Oltchim has failed to qualify for the final of the Women’s Handball Champions League after the Danish team had previously won the first leg game in Ramnicu-Valcea, score 34-28. Radu Voina’s team played better than it did in the first leg, at one time registering a six-goal lead, but it was unable to maintain the rhythm until the end. In the final Viborg will play against Hungary’s Gyor.

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Woman sold her children for bachelor flat worth EUR 23,000

A terrifying case occurred in Bragadiru-Ilfow where a woman sold her four-year-old child as well as her unborn baby for a bachelor’s flat of EUR 23,000. The entire story was recorded by the journalists of the daily paper “Libertatea” with a hidden camera, Antena 3 reported. For a week, reporters of “Libertatea” negotiated with a 28-year-old young woman who had announced the intention to sell her children. The woman was willing to trade them for a bachelor’s flat in Bragadiru. She agreed to sell the four-year-old and to offer the baby she was about to give birth to as a bonus.

Romanian-American exercise, at Campia Turzii

At the aviation base of Campia Turzii, approximately 500 Romanian and American militaries started a ten-day military exercise Strike Lance 2009. According to Antena 3, twelve F-15 E American planes will land on the Campia Turzii military airport. Romania participates with 200 militaries and six MiG 21 Lancers. The aim of the workshop is to increase the level of efficiency and execution of the air force specific missions.

MAE: Romanian among plotters to kill Bolivian president

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry said yesterday it obtained official confirmation that the man killed last week by Bolivian police in an attempt to thwart an assassination attempt on President Evo Morales was a Romanian, Hotnews informs. The Romanian embassy in Lima also asked Bolivian authorities for clarifications about the event and for details on whether the man was already buried in Bolivia but has so far received no answer, the ministry said in a release. It also underlined that more details would be made public when authorities obtain confirmation about any new elements in the case. Three alleged terrorists, which were initially identified as a Bolivian and two Hungarians, were killed on Thursday last week by Bolivian special forces. The three were reportedly planning to assassinate Morales.

Report: Romania among European bottom countries over children situation

Romania ranks 25 of 29 countries in terms of children situation, according to a report by the British organisation Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG). Romania obtained an index of 27 with respect to children health, 19, over children’s perception of their lives, 5, on children relationships, 24, on behaviour and risks, and 27, education wise. According to Realitatea TV, the study examined the EU countries, adding to which were Norway and Iceland. Researchers at the University of York, the UK only ranks 24th, The Netherlands, 1st, followed by Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, according to the study, which relies on data from 2006. Romania ranks 25th, behind the UK, and is followed by Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.

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EUR reached the highest level of the last three weeks

RON depreciated yesterday morning at the opening of the inter bank meeting, and the exchange rate increased to RON 4.25 per EUR, the website Antena3.ro reported. The national currency depreciated due to the negative expectations concerning the entire region, determined by pessimism on the American stock exchanges. The National Romanian Bank (BNR) announced a referential exchange rate that exceeded the Friday level of RON 4.2430 per EUR by RON 0.024 leading to the highest ranking of the European currency during the last three weeks.

Leumi extends NIS 930m support to foreign units

Bank Leumi has been forced to support its foreign subsidiaries with capital injections, guarantees, and credit lines, because of their losses and the financial crisis. Since the start of the current crisis, it has provided NIS 930 M in support for subsidiaries, according to Globes online, Israel business news, Agerpres informs. Bank Leumi’s financial report for 2008 states, “In 2008, the bank made available to Bank Leumi Romania SA a line of credit in the amount of USD 100 million, for the purpose of expanding business activity, through a deposit without a repayment date, with the possibility of repayment after two years from the date on which a request for payment is made. As at the end of 2008, the balance of the deposit stands at some USD 75 million.” Bank Leumi added that it was asked by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) to provide Leumi Romania with a liquidity line in the amount of USD 50 million, “to be used in the event of a liquidity crisis in the bank.” The bank also noted, “The bank has given an undertaking in the amount of EUR10 million in favour of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to secure a line of credit which will given by EBRD to Bank Leumi Romania.” Bank Leumi Luxembourg SA, which provides private banking services, posted a net loss of EUR 14.1 million in 2008, because of losses on investments in securities. Bank Leumi UK Ltd.

U.S. to give Chrysler, GM new aid

The Obama administration will make about USD 500 million available to Chrysler LLC through the end of this month as it seeks to reach an alliance with Fiat, and up to USD 5 billion through May to help General Motors Corp restructure outside of bankruptcy, an independent oversight report on the Treasury Department’s corporate rescue fund said on Tuesday. Separately, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union urged its members to lobby the White House by phone or email to ensure that workers and retirees are treated fairly in negotiations at both companies on new concessions, which are considered vital for the automakers’ to survive.

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