Premier makes new appointments

Premier Emil Boc signed the appointment of Iuliu Pacurariu in the position of state adviser in the Premier’s own staff after deciding to dismiss him as personal adviser in the same structure.

Moreover, according to Agerpres, Ioana Apan was appointed as Deputy General Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Ramiro Angelescu became Vice-President, with a rank of State Sub-Secretary, of the National Regulating Authority for the Public Utilities Community Service. The latter will replace Niculae Aurel, dismissed by the Head of the Government.

Another decision reached by the Premier refers to the appointment of Mihai Mohaci in the position of Vice-President of the National Authority for Customers’ Protection. Moreover, Viorel Alexandru was appointed President of the National Agency for Social Services, as the successor of Adrian Toader, dismissed by another decision issued by Emil Boc.

Yesterday, Head Commissar Ionel Georgescu was authorized to overtake the management of the National Anti-Corruption Department (DGA), a position that has remained vacant since Monday, after the dismissal of Prosecutor Irinel Paun, Mediafax announced.

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