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June 28, 2022

PSD MP asks calls for Deputies Speaker dismissal

Social Democrat Deputy Eugen Nicolicea yesterday asked Deocrat-Liberal lawmakers to seek the removal of the Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Roberta Anastase, accusing her of violating the chamber’s rules and of poor management of her duties.

“The person you named at the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies, not only that she does not understand the rules, but even when she does understand them, she breaks them,” Nicolicea told Democrat-Liberals. Anastase is a PD-L member. The Social Democrat criticized Anastase for how she leads the chamber’s sessions and for the fact the electronic voting system always malfunctions when she leads the chamber’s sessions and therefore, Deputies are not be able to cast their vote on important draft laws. Nicolicea suggested that “in difficult moments”, the Chamber of Deputies’ session be led by Deputy Speaker Ioan Oltean, also a PD-L member. Nicolicea asked the PD-L group to have Anastase replaced, because they are the only Parliament group that can ask this, given that they appointed her on the post.

The Social Democrat’s comments came while Deputies were discussing a government ordinance on a land transfer for the construction of an airport in Brasov. The Social-Democrat group and the Liberal group both criticized Anastase for how she had led Tuesday’s session of the chamber, in which the ordinance was discussed for the first time.

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