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February 27, 2021

Savaniu, Corpodean and Lica arrested for 29 days

Referees Marcel Savaniu and Sorin Corpodean, along with Marcel Lica, the former Vice President of the Central Commission of Referees (CCA), have been arrested on Thursday for 29 days, the Arges Court charging them with bribery. The magistrates’ decision was taken during a public session, in the presence of the three defendants.

According to the DNA prosecutors, Marcel Lica, the Vice President of the CCA, and the referees Sorin Corpodean and Marcel Savaniu received sums ranging from USD 2,000 to USD 15,000 in order to favour FC Arges in the games that they refereed.

‘On December 23, 2008 Corpodean Sorin accepted the offer made by Facaleata Liviu Ilie, an offer consisting of goods and money, and on December 24, 2008 he received the sum of USD 15,000 and other goods. Corpodean Sorin received the money and the goods in return for favourable refereeing in the October 19 game that FC Arges played against Sporting Club Vaslui and for similar behaviour in future League I games,’ a DNA Pitesti communiqué reads.

Corpodean was also asked to protect FC Arges in case he would have been appointed President of the Central Commission of Referees from within the Romanian Football Federation.

Marcel Savaniu is charged ‘with accepting the USD 3,000 offered in return for favouring FC Arges in the November 22 game that it played against Otelul Galati. The offer was made by Facaleata Liviu Ilie at the orders of Penescu Gheorghe Cornel.’

Marcel Lica is charged with asking Liviu Facaleata USD 3,000 in return for writing an observer’s report that would have favoured FC Arges in view of its November 22 game against Otelul Galati.

According to the prosecutors, Lica ‘basically received USD 2,000, the sum being given to him by Facaleata Liviu Ilie at the orders of Penescu Gheorghe Cornel.’

‘Three other persons are criminally prosecuted in the same dossier’ the DNA Pitesti communiqué points out.

Marcel Lica, Sorin Corpodean and Marcel Savaniu were detained on Wednesday by the DNA prosecutors, being charged with receiving briberies from Cornel Penescu, the financier of FC Arges.

Referees Tiberiu Lajos and Aurelian Bogaciu were also heard on Wednesday but they were not detained.
Cornel Penescu, Gheorghe Constantin, Liviu Facaleata and Cristian Libertatu are still in preventive arrest. The Arges Court rejected on Wednesday the appeals filed by Constantin and Libertatu. Facaleata’s and Penescu’s appeals will be analysed on Thursday and Friday.

Grigorescu resigns from CCA

The Romanian Football Federation’s Executive Committee will analyze on Friday at 11 AM Nicolae Grigorescu’s resignation from his office as Vice President (with presidential prerogatives) of the Central Commission of Referees, the FRF’s official website informs. The measures needed in order to improve the refereeing will also be debated during the meeting tomorrow.

FRF President Mircea Sandu stated on Thursday for Mediafax that the Romanian Football Federation did not sack the Vice President of the CCA, the latter resigning instead.

The FRF official did not want to reveal the name of the person that will hold the office vacated by Nicolae Grigorescu. ‘There’s always a solution. The meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled tomorrow and we’ll see what we’ll do,’ Sandu added.

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