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February 28, 2021

This evening, at the Romanian Cultural Institute

Short films by Adrian Sitaru

After winning the Golden Leopard at the 2007 edition of the Locarno Film Festival for his short film “Waves” and after the success of his debut long film “Angling,” Adrian Sitaru became a highly popular filmmaker. The young director, scriptwriter, producer and actor decided to collect all the ten short films he shot before making the films that consecrated him worldwide.

Today, Thursday, April 23, in Bucharest, the ICR residence at the 38th Alexandru Alley, the following films will be projected: “Fun Fan” (2002), “About Biju” (2004), “A Very Bad Day” (2004), “Theodora’s Life” (2004), “Biju” (2002), “An Easter Day” (2005), “The Cockroach in the Kitchen” (2005), “Tom Waits – Live in My Room” (1999), “The Soap” (1999) and “The Title of This Film Will Appear Later.” (1999).

All his short films are filled with irony and challenging details, proposing a specific universe, unavoidable for a proper comprehension of the young artist’s work. Moreover, all of the film lovers who will decide to attend this event will be offered the opportunity to discuss them with the director himself.

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