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September 19, 2021

Calinescu Institute and Litera International to start lawsuit against Adevarul

The Institute “G. Calinescu” by the Romanian Academy owns the rights on George Calinescu’s series and they will lodge a complaint with the court in case of the novel “Enigma Otiliei” (Otilia’s Enigma), published by Adevarul Holding, because the trust “did not act in good will”, as Academician Eugen Simion said.

The Publishing House Litera International also, which owns the publishing rights of the novel “Enigma Otiliei”, also wants to start a lawsuit against Adevarul Holding in relation to the “moral and material prejudices” caused by the publishing of the novel, as Dan Vidrascu, general manager of the publishing house, declared for Mediafax. He says that Litera International owns the rights for the publication of the novel “Enigma Otiliei” on the bases of a contract of exclusivity signed with the collective management entity Copyro. On the other side, Academician Eugen Simion, director of the Institute for Literary History and Theory “G. Calinescu”, based in Bucharest, says that the writer George Calinescu entrusted the legacy represented by his mobile and immobile assets to the Institute. Simion thinks that Adevarul holding “did not act in good will” when they published the novel. The management entity responsible for collective copyright Copyro, which also claims its rights on George Calinescu series, says that Adevarul Holding does not have the rights for publishing the novel “Enigma Otiliei”. Adevarul Holding published the novel “Enigma Otiliei”, distributing the book, on Thursday, along with the daily newspaper Adevarul.

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