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April 15, 2021

Rapid players attacked by Otelul officials and fans on their way to the locker room

The women’s handball game that pitted Otelul Galati against Rapid ended with a general conflict between the visiting side’s players and the home side’s officials and fans. The game, counting for Round 22 of the women’s National Handball League finished with Otelul’s victory, score 27-24 (14-14).

On their way to the locker room, Rapid’s Alina Dobrin and Georgeta Guresoaia were verbally attacked by Otelul vice-president Ghiocel Constantinescu. Alina Dobrin replied in kind and threw water at Constantinescu. The latter jumped at the players, trying to hit them. Several fans managed to slip by the gendarmes and joined Constantinescu, giving rise to a general conflict.

Referees Pop and Mocanu were not spared by the verbal assaults. The two withdrew, avoiding the scuttle, a fact that subsequently sparked Rapid players’ rage, the players accusing them of running away and of not trying to solve the conflict.

Soaked with water thrown by the Otelul fans, Vasile Margulescu, the head coach of Rapid, expressed his horror at the treatment applied to his players. ‘It seems incredible that officials entered the pitch in order to insult and push my players. I’m also unable to understand the referees that dodged and did not try to stop this conflict. If something like this would’ve happened in Bucharest we would’ve been called Gypsies and our hall would’ve been suspended for 8 rounds. I hope that the Federation will take the appropriate measures,’ Margulescu stated.

‘In my opinion it isn’t normal for one of the opposing team’s officials to enter the pitch and swear at me. I accept being sworn at by the fans but not by the host team’s officials,’ Alina Dobrin complained in turn.

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