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April 17, 2021

“Romanian” May 1 in the Izvor Park, with sausages, beer and models

The President of PSD Bucharest, Marian Vanghelie announced that Social-Democrats will organize a “Romanian’ celebration of May 1, with sausages, beer and top models.

“We invite top models to broil sausages and we will offer the title of Miss May 1 to the one who will sell the most sausages,” Mayor Marian Vanghelie said. “If we want to organize a traditional celebration, we will not sell meat rolls or bananas, we decided to sell only sausages. We will be there in the Izvor Park, there will be also a concert, and visitors will be offered a chance to buy beer and sausages, and I think that models must be there both as sausage buyers and sellers. Our party is highly interested in them,” Vanghelie joked.

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