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July 1, 2022

A day filled with challenges and great achievements

“The State of Israel celebrates its 61st Independence Day, filled with challenges and great achievements. Israel is a democratic and pluralistic society with open market, prosperous economy and rich and vibrant cultural life.

Throughout the years Israel has become a world leader in the areas of hi-tech, agriculture and telecommunications. Israel’s best success is its talented and high-quality human resource.

Israel has never abandoned its hope for peace. All the governments of Israel, from the entire political spectrum, have sought peace as a strategic goal of the state and its citizens. In the future as well, Israel will continue in its search to achieve peace with its neighbors.

The Israeli-Romanian bilateral relations stand out as a diplomatic success. The relations were maintained during the Cold war and after the Six Day war, with Romania being the only country in the then Eastern Block to maintain its diplomatic relations with Israel.

Israel and Romania share the same democratic values and virtues. The relations are rich and comprehensive, based on economic, political, human and cultural broad components. In this regard, the Jewish community played a special role and has enriched both countries.

We look forward to continue these excellent bilateral relations and further strengthen them.

I wish us all “La multi ani!”

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