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April 10, 2021

Arges Tribunal rules to set free Penescu, Libertatu, Facaleata, Constantin and Lica

In the case of Aurelian Bogaciu, magistrates postponed the decision over DNA’s request to extend the arrest warrant.

The Arges Tribunal ruled to set free the owner of FC Arges football club, Cornel Penescu (photo), as well as former OPC Arges director Cristian Libertatu, the manager of Pic company Liviu Facaleata, the former CCA chairman Gheorghe Constantin and CAA vicepresident Marcel Lica. The ruling can be appealed, Mediafax writes.

The Arges court rejected as unacceptable the request made by DNA prosecutors to extend the arrest warrants for the five.

However the magistrates imposed a number of restrictions in the case of the five suspects, like the obligations to stay in their home localities and to meet the prosecutors as many times as they will be summoned. Furthermore, they are forbidden to get into contact with the other suspects in the case and with the families of these suspects, while they are not allowed to act in the positions they had before their arrest.

The Arges court’s decision is not definitive and was already appealed by the prosecutors of DNA Pitesti, in a lawsuit that will be debated on Tuesday by the Pitesti Court of Appeal.

At the moment when this story reached the newspapers, Cornel Penescu, Cristian Libertatu, Liviu Facaleata, Gheorghe Constantin, Marcel Lica and Aurelian Bogaciu had been taken out of the Arges Tribunal and taken away, handcuffed, to the jail of the Arges County Police.

Upon leaving the tribunal, Cristian Libertatu said he was about to faint and an ambulance was called to the scene. By then, however, Libertatu recovered and was mounted in the Police van.

The arrest warrants for Cornel Penescu, Gheorghe Constantin, Liviu Facaleata and Cristian Libertatu will become void on May 12, while those of Lica and Bogaciu on May 21.

Also on Monday, the Pitesti Court of Appeal ruled that referee Aurelian Bogaciu will stay behind bars and rejected his appeal against the decision of the Arges Tribunal, which had in its turn rejected his request to be set free under judiciary control.

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