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November 25, 2022

Boc Gov’t faced with the first censure motion

PM Emil Boc and the members of Cabinet, except the minister for the relation with Parliament, Victor Ponta, were all absent at the session of Parliament in which the Liberal Varujan Vosganian read the text of 17 pages of the motion. The absence of the members of the Government was called by the leader of PNL Senators, Puiu Hasotti, “lack of decency” and “offence against Parliament.” In retort, Victor Ponta assured the Liberals that Premier and ministers could not come because they work to “a very serious answer to the “equally serious” motion of PNL. The Executive announced however on Monday that it will be present tomorrow in Parliament to answer the accusations leveled against it in the motion by the representatives of the opposition.

Forgotten promises

The motion signed by the 124 PNL and UDMR MPs reviews the promises made by the current ruling parties and “forgotten” after they won the elections: to increase the teachers’ salaries by 50 per cent, to increase the pensions for the first and second groups of work, or the growth of the minimum salary to RON 1,000. The signatories of the motion also accuse the representatives of the Power of having forgotten their own ruling programme, mentioning as an example the lack of coherence in the enforcement of the anti-crisis measures, the funds erroneously distributed further to the budgetary rectification, and the OUG regarding the deconcentrates. The introduction of the minimum tax is severely criticized, the Liberals saying that it levels a punch especially to the small entrepreneurs and annihilates all the theories of Boc Government regarding the care for the poor. “Practically, it will endanger half of the revenues of the general consolidated budget of the state, because it sill affects chiefly the loyal taxpayers who account for over 90 per cent of the 600,000 small taxpayers (…) What would it be if we give a law through which we oblige you, the rulers, to bring money from your own purse if the budget is closed with a deficit?” reads the motion. Referring to the economic crisis, the signatories of the motion say that the current Government does not have any answer to settle it. “You announced us five months ago that you make a big, very big coalition, to save Romania from the crisis. Which is the balance sheet of these months of governance? A crisis to which we can see easily that you don’t have any answer,” is the accusation of the Liberals against the ruling coalition. The document also reads that through the OUG regarding the deconcentrated services, “the whole process of reform made by Romania starting in 1999, for the modernization of the administration, the setting up of the corps of civil servants, the depoliticization of the corps of civil servants and public administration, is cancelled.” “Actually, through this normative act it is only stipulated to politicize all the deconcentrated services,” also remarks this censure motion.
In the domain of the budgetary rectification, the Executive of Boc is charged with having cut off over RON 800 M from the decentralized units, from communes, towns, cities, structures which already were missing funds. Concurrently, the Government proved “generosity” with the budgetary funds towards the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Communications – “political cronies of PDL,” the budgets of these ministries being “over 10-20 times bigger than the budgets allotted to these ministries in the previous years.” “Romania lives again the sad experience of the ‘90s: the uncertainty of the coming day, the fear from poverty, an all-powerful and greedy state. The leftist governance of PDL-PSD coalition, populist and demagogic, showed in only four months its incompetence and bad-faith which characterize the two sister-parties. PDL and PSD proved that their interest for the revival of the Romanian economy, through the stimulation of work and of the creativity of the Romanians, is zero,” the Liberals say.

“Romania is in an economic crisis, but the current PSD-PDL Government is a factor of aggravation of the crisis. Reason for which, as a first efficient measure of fight against the economic crisis, we propose the dismissal of the current Government,” concluded the signatories of this document.

We should mention in this context that Boc Government has been confronted so far with two simple motions: one on Education and the other on Agriculture. Both were turned down with a large majority in the Chamber of Deputies, while the holders of the two positions, social – the Democrats Ecaterina Andronescu and Ilie Sarbu maintained their positions.

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