Layoffs – the method chosen by 30 pc of private firms for Romania to cut costs

Over 30 per cent of the private companies from Romania will proceed to layoffs, in order to cut costs, while 41 per cent have planned for this year a smaller salary budget, as a result of the negative evolution of the economy, shows a survey made by the research firm Hewitt Associates and taken over by Mediafax. As for the anticipated financial results, 14.8 per cent of the questioned firms predict a growth of the economic performance this year in spite of the economic evolution, while 19.7 per cent consider that their affairs will stagnate. In order to reduce the expenditures, the companies choose first of all to stop employments, 52.4 per cent of the questioned firms acknowledging that they will not recruit employees any more, and to freeze salaries, method mentioned by 49 per cent of the interviewed. 32.7 per cent of the questioned firms will resort to reduction of personnel, while only 8.2 per cent intend to cut the managers’ salaries, a percentage similar to that by which they want to reduce the retribution of all the employees.

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