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January 18, 2022

Police to terminate cooperation protocols with security firms

Police has announced it will terminate the cooperation contracts with seven security companies whereby their agents took upon themselves to call the police when they noticed crimes in progress. The decision comes amid the Mall Plaza scandal whereby 54 agents and the owner of the BGS security company have been instituted criminal proceedings. In the wake of the conflict at the mall in Bucharest’s Drumul Taberei district escalating into a fight, Bucharest Police terminated the BGS contract, a move to now concern all of the relevant partners.

That the BGS contract was denounced a short while after the incident was also confirmed by the head since February of the Bucharest Police, Marian Tutilescu, who said yesterday it was he who signed the BGS contract and also terminated it, three to four days after the Mall Plaza scandal, giving ascertained the excessive use of violence’. The security Services Owners’ Association is nonetheless discontent about the decision. ‘We don’t fell it is fair to affect cooperation with the other companies.

This agreement made at the Bucharest Police did not involve our participation, of the owners’ association. The companies have been invited under certain criteria I would not comment on,’ Realitatea TV quoted Ion Popescu, the president of the Owners’ Associa­tion, as saying. The inquiry into the Mall Plaza incident, where crime leader Eugen Preda has been beaten, has intricate connections.

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