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March 8, 2021

Steaua fined RON 100,000 after incidents during derby vs. Dinamo

The Gendarmerie of Bucharest fined the Football Club Steaua Bucharest by RON 100,000 after the incidents that took place on Friday, during the game versus Dinamo and suggested the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) to suspend the Ghencea Stadium for violating the requirements that must be fulfilled by an organizer.

The Gendarmerie of Bucharest announced on Monday that it had sanctioned the Football Club Steaua for numerous offences that violated Law No. 4 / 2008, for Preventing and Combating Violence in Sports.

Therefore, Steaua Bucharest was fined RON 50,000 for improper organization and failure to grant the order and security of the audience in the stadium as, according to the law, the organizer of a sports’ competition or game must prohibit the exhibition, inside of its building, of symbols, slogans and texts with obscene content, regardless of the support they were written on.

Moreover, the club was fined RON 50,000 for violating the obligations of an organizer regarding the access of the viewers to the competition area, which require prohibiting the access of obviously drunk persons or individuals carrying alcoholic beverages, weapons and ammunitions, candles, torches, fireworks, petards, explosive, flammable or smoke-producing materials, toxic, hallucinogenic, tear-gas containing or paralyzing substances or blunt objects.

“Taking all these aspects into account, as well as their possible future effects, the Gendarmerie of Bucharest filed a proposal to the Romanian Football Federation, regarding the suspension of the Ghencea Stadium,” the Gendarmerie of Bucharest announced.

During the days to come, the Gendarmerie of Bucharest will identify and sanction, based on video shots offered by the organizer, the supporters that used petards and smoke-producing substances to throw on the field.

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