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March 1, 2021

Cristi Minculescu recovers well after transplant

The vocalist of the band Iris, Cristi Minculescu, has an excellent recovery after the liver transplant.
“His health condition is improving, his tests are excellent. His evolution is according to the graphs. He attends recovery gymnastics classes, as they are very important.

He must eat, gain weight and be protected against viruses, and this is the most important fact,” the manager of the band, Cosmin Nicoara told Agerpres yesterday. In March, Cristi Minculescu underwent liver transplant surgery at a German clinic. The donor was his wife, Rodica Minculescu.

The artist had suffered of hepatic – renal policysts, a hereditary disease characterized by the appearance of cysts on the liver and kidney, at birth, and their progressive evolution afterwards.

Cristi Minculescu was born on January 9, 1959, in Bucharest. The band was founded in 1976 by Nutu Olteanu (guitar) and Emil Brando (bass), joined by drummer Nelu Dumitrescu. The band went through numerous lineup changes, and the most famous of the, was the one that included the couple of guitarists Nutu Olteanu – Adrian Ilie, as well as vocalist Cristian Minculescu.

The current lineup was completed in 1986, and features Valter Popa (guitar), Ion “Nelu” Dumitrescu (drums), Doru “Boro” Borobeica (bass), Cristi Minculescu (vocals), as well as rely Marin (keyboards) as permanent guest.

“The national rock team of Romania,” as nicknamed by fans, the band has an impressive music portfolio that totalizes 14 studio albums, three maxi-singles, a DVD / VHS and over 5,000 concerts.

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