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February 28, 2021

Maia Morgenstern at war with Bucharest National Theatre

Actress Maia Morgenstern issued a “confession” on Tuesday, announcing her discontentment caused by the decision of the management of the National Theatre of Bucharest (TNB) to sanction her for the “courage” to enter new projects while the National Theatre, the institution that has employed her, has not cast her in any future projects.

On their turn, the TNB representatives explained in a press release issued on Tuesday, as well, to Agerpres, that on March 10, Maia Morgenstern has made a phone call to one of the TNB managers.

“She was in Athens, in Greece, allegedly attending the rehearsals of a show that featured an international cast, to be performed in a tour all over the Balkan region. The subject of this attendance, unannounced to the institution, to a project performed abroad, was evoked in a discussion between Mrs. Morgenstern, the Deputy General Manager and the Artistic Manager of our institution. Mrs. Morgenstern admitted that she acted inappropriately and accepted any consequences. Therefore, we sanctioned her with a written warning, according to the Labour Code regulations. On the same day, similar sanctions were applied to other colleagues who neglected the rules of the theatre employees’ status,” the quoted press release, signed by Ion Caramitru reads. On the other hand, Maia Morgenstern complained that perhaps TNB was sanctioning her for the success of the “Dead Brother’s Song”, directed by Greek artist Sotiris Hatsakis. The play, based on a Balkan legend, starring Morgenstern in a lead role, was premiered at the Workshop Hall of the National Theatre, a few days ago. “Why should I let myself sanctioned? By whom? I do not understand? I cannot take this. What can I do? Should I shut up? Should I let the audience express its compassion? Actually, who are these interchangeable “sanction-issuers”? No, I do not intend to acknowledge this sanction,” the actress concludes in her public confession.

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