6.5 C
March 4, 2021

Temperatures up to 32C this weekend

Starting tomorrow through Sunday, temperatures are expected to rise up to 32C, as the whole of South-East Europe is under the influence of a hot front carrying tropical air. If yesterday’s temperatures hardly reached 27C, Saturday and Sunday they will go up to 30-32C in Alexandria, Giurgiu, Timisoara, Craiova, Arad and Bucharest.

The sudden rise of 6-7C in temperature will bear down heavily on adjusting to such change. If you are more into cool weather, go to the seaside, where weekend temperatures will not go higher than a pleasant 23-25C, or in northern Moldavia, Suceava and Botosani.

The weekend will however not be rainless. Friday afternoon will likely se showers and thunderstorms in the hilly and mountainous regions in the west, central and northern Romania. Thursday’s issue of ‘Adevarul’ daily writes that Wednesday rains nationwide left their mark on the Arges commune of Rucar, where several homesteads and roads were flooded Tuesday evening as a result of hail rains that lasted no more than 15 minutes.

Rainfalls reached over 80 litres/ sqm. People barricaded themselves inside their homes, using sandbags and wood to shelter them from the deluge.

‘I took my baby into my arms, a few documents and climbed onto a table. We kept the water outside thanks to the bags we bought for some works and some plywood. The water reached the window. We have lived through some terrible moments,’ one Manina Godeanu said.

After the deluge, the water in the yard was nearly one-metre deep. ‘I have never seen anything like this. It rained heavily and there was so much hail that the ground turned white. I lighted a candle I had since Resurrection night, maybe this way God will pardon our sins and it all come to a stop,’ Tibi Izidor, a resident of Rucar said, who helped the neighbours whose home were impacted by the abundant rain. The Arges Inspectorate for Emergency Situations sent a few rescue teams to the area to help with taking the water and mud out of the homesteads.

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