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January 22, 2022

Austrian embassy probes report leak

The Austrian embassy to Romania voiced deep regret over the fact one of its internal reports about a meeting between President Traian Basescu and EU ambassadors was made public. In a press release on Sunday, the embassy said it has begun an investigation to establish how the document was made public and underlined that the internal report does not represent “Austria’s official position.” The document triggered a lot of controversy as it revealed that PD-L is reportedly preparing to launch PM Emil Boc for presidential runner in case Basescu does not run for a second term. When asked to comment on the report, Basescu said that it was “a lost letter”, a reference to a satiric play written by Romanian author I.L. Caragiale. “The document poses no problems to me. I’m afraid the Austrian embassy has to give some explanations. We have to see whether they assume the document or not and then we will react. We cannot react to a report we don’t even know to whom it belongs,” he said.

Iliescu, sceptical

Commenting on the report, ex president Ion Iliescu said he does not believe that Basescu would give up running for a second term. He said that information about Boc’s possible candidacy is a “smoke screen” and that he was sure Basescu would not give up this fight. Former PM Adrian Nastase however said Boc’s candidacy might become a “rather valid formula”, given that the lump tax would increase the unemployment rate and Basescu said he would give up running for president if unemployment went over 10 per cent. In turn, Liberals’ presidential runner Crin Antonescu said he was not interested in who was running for president this autumn. “Given Romania’s current situation, it doesn’t matter who runs for what party and there’s nothing to say about Boc. What matters is what Boc does as prime minister,” said Antonescu. PD-L vice president Gheorghe Flutur refused to make any comments, saying only that his party would discuss the issue of presidential elections after June 7 elections for the European Parliament.

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