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March 4, 2021

ANAT: The public toilets are missing in Bucharest

Romania needs several thousands of public toilets located on the tourist routes; one of the areas deficient from this point of view is Bucharest, where a bus with tourists has great difficulties to find a toilet. “In Bucharest, there isn’t any toilet where to take a bus with tourists,” the president of the National Association of Tourism Agencies (ANAT), Corina Martin said yesterday, quoted by Mediafax.

Corina Martin gave the example of a Romanian tourism agency, which brought on May 1 four busses with American tourists to visit Bucharest. “We arrived at Parliament Palace, but that day the janitors had a day off, and the toilets were sealed. The representatives of the tourism agency chose to take the American tourists to the toilet of Marriott hotel, but after the second bus the bodyguards of the hotel took action,” ANAT president added.

She estimated that several thousands of toilets are needed in Romania. They should be located on the tourist routes and believes that in around five months the problem will be solved, further to the campaign started by the association.

ANAT estimates a growth of 15 per cent of the domestic tourism this year, if the holiday vouchers can be used with a maximum yield. The representatives of the association believe that the vouchers were not successful so far because the business operators have not yet purchased enough vouchers from the issuing firms. “The meal voucher campaign also started with difficulty, and several years had to pass before being successful,” ANAT president, Corina Martin, said. She added that the law regarding the holiday vouchers is under the discussion of the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the data of the association, the most requested internal tourism packages are for the Littoral, mountain tourism, spa tourism and rural tourism. The main problem of the Littoral, namely the fact that the bars and the stalls do not open yet by mid May, can be solved by the state, which should oblige the business operators to begin their activity earlier, Corina Martin added. ANAT also estimates a stationary outgoing tourism, and a falling incoming tourism compared to the past year.

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