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March 3, 2021

Book “Pages of Romania’s Diplomacy”, launched at MAE

A volume that includes over 30 studies signed by Romanian diplomats, referring to the foreign affairs of Romania during the Cold War was launched on Tuesday at the Ministry of Fo­reign Affairs (MAE). “Pages of Romania’s Diplomacy” was struc­­­tured on chapters featuring activities, some of them of bilateral diplomacy, and other of the latest form of contemporary di­plomacy, the multilateral diplomacy. Diplomats, including a few former Ambassadors, reveal moments and successes registe­red by Romania in relations with European and Asian countries, as well as nations of the Middle East, America and Africa. Facts are counted by the persons who effectively and personally attended these events, conceived the actions, formulated the mandate and completed it, Diplomat Ioan Anghel de­cla­red. “It is a book of confessions, sort of a memory book, where the authors are not mere witnesses, but lead actors of the events they are narrating, and the im­pression of authenticity is overwhelming. Each study reveals a bit of experience of the diplomacy of those times,” Ioan Anghel continued. He admitted that memory books might be suspec­ted of subjectivity, but ex­pressed his opinion that such elements are only present in “a reasonable and acceptable amount” in the present book. “Au­thors show how they adapted to a system and contributed to the realization of our national interests. (…) The volume includes a great study potential, possessed by the members of the diplomatic community”, Ioan Anghel mentio­ned. In his opinion, the study represents proof of the “seriousness” foreign affairs were conducted with by the Roma­nian of­ficials. No­thing was im­provi­sed; nothing was made without calculating the changes and the international circumstances. (…) An intelligent and efficient di­plo­­ma­cy may only be the expression of considerate foreign policies that avoid all forms of im­provi­sation,” Ioan Anghel outlined.

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