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October 25, 2021

‘Elevator’ lands Public Award at European Film Festival

‘Elevator’ by George Dorobantu has received the Public’s Award at the end of the Bucharest edition of the European Film Festival at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum Sunday night. The films ranked on the following positions based on the votes of the public are: the artistic documentary ‘The Mali Project’ (Ireland), by Dearbhla Glynn, the romantic comedy ‘HannaHa­nnaH’ (The Nether­lands), by Annemarie van de Mond, the Danish dramatic comedy ‘The First Years in the Life of Erik Nietzsche: Part I’, directed by Jacob Thuesen based on a story by Lars von Trier and the dramatic comedy ‘Good Night, Irene’, by Paolo Marinou-Blanco.
Over 600 people watched the films on the festival in the museum courtyard cinema, occupying all available seats. The Public’s Award was granted before the closing film screening.

The people of Bucharest who watched the various films of the festival could vote for their favourite production. Based on the vote count, the festival organizers put together the standings of the five most popular productions, opened by Roma­nian film ‘Elevator’ described as ‘a nice surprise’ by the festival director, Ariadna Ponta. Film Director George Dorobantu went up on the stage to tell the audience that the award meant a lot to the ‘Elevator’ crew. The film was screened in Bucharest and in the opening of the Brasov edition of the European Film Festival.

‘The two screening helped us become better known’ Dorobantu said, joking that he expected the trailer of his following movie to read ‘from the maker of the blockbuster’.

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