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October 26, 2021

Bosch Romania counts on deliveries to Dacia to maintain a growing turnover in 2009

Bosch group registered last year in Romania a growth of the turnover of 18.4 per cent against 2007, from EUR 136 M to EUR 161 M, in spite of the unfavourable world economic situation, the company announced yesterday. At world level, the German group registered a turnover of EUR 45.1 bln, 2.6 per cent less than that obtained in 2007. “The main engines of this growth were represented by the motoring technology and the thermal technology,” declared in a press conference, the general manager of Robert Bosch SRL and representative of Bosch group in Romania and Bulgaria, Brigitte Eble. But the expectations for the present year are moderate, the representative of the German group announcing that they will continue to invest in Romania, although they estimate that 2009 will be one of the most difficult years since the establishment of the company in 1994.

“We believe that we can maintain in 2009 the turnover at the level of that from 2008, of around EUR 159 M, and the deliveries of car components to Dacia will help us in this respect. The remaining segments will register falls, as a result of the collapse from the construction industry and the decrease of the sales of consumer goods. (…) In Romania the situation is rather optimistic, but we don’t conceal the fact that we may proceed also to reductions of personnel, maintaining the basic staff,” Eble completed. She also mentioned that Bosch will furnish car components to Ford factory from Craiova, when the latter begins the operations, considering that the two groups cooperate at world level.

“According to our estimates, the first signs of stabilization should appear in the second half of the year, but at a low level,” Bosch official also said, stressing that hopefully the Government of Romania will implement circumstantial programmes, as the governments of other countries did. “We have the impression, that through the new taxes which were introduced, the Government did nothing but burdened the firms, which will feel a growth of the costs. In other countries, the governments try to relieve the burdens felt by the firms,” Eble said. The German representative referred to “Green House” programme launched last year but steadily deferred, without being materialized. The environment minister Nicolae Nemirschi has recently signed the order for the enforcement of the project. Thus, Bosch group can contribute with its production of solar panels and geothermal pumps.

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