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August 12, 2022

Iancu: The additional act to the contract with Sterling included false information

The substantiation note subject to which Tariceanu Cabinet signed the governmental resolution regarding the additional act to the contract with Sterling company included false information, the chairman of the Commission on industries, Iulian Iancu (PSD), declared yesterday, Agerpres informs. This was one of the conclusions resulted further to the hearing by the Commission of the chief of the National Agency of Mineral Resources (ANRM), Gelu Maracineanu. “The data and the information from the document presented quantities five times smaller than the real ones and not from all the blocks, as evidenced in ANRM documents,” Iancu said after the closing of the hearings. He added that there wasn’t any reference to the results of the searches established by Sterling company and registered with ANRM on another nine structures, which evidence very big quantities of gas and crude oil – respectively 51 bln cu m of gas and 278 million tons of crude. “This comes in blatant contradiction with what we were told by the company in front the investigation commission,” Iancu added. Another element revealed during Maracineanu’s hearing was that he established, further to the verifications made at the level of the Agency, that Sterling does not have any construction or environment authorization or certificate for oil operations.

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