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February 27, 2021

SRI looking to recruit spies among students

Students at the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) in Bucharest were presented the opportunities of a career with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), on Tuesday, during the presentation of the offer of master courses, post-degree and doctoral studies of the ‘Mihai Viteazul’ National Intelligence Academy (ANIMV).

The first thing the students learnt was that one doesn’t have to be a male, have muscles or blue eyes to work for an intelligence organisation, as SRI officer Adelina Palade said, according to ‘Ziua’ daily. ‘SRI is not participating in a job fair, but in the presentation of windows of opportunity for choosing a professional career. Our scope of work having the fight against terrorism at the centre, is not very marketable because it does not stand in the area of fashion, showbiz, celebrities or political scandals’ said the SRI official. A local secret agent can work in the intelligence-operative, technical, IT or intelligence analysis departments, his/her specific missions being defence of the Constitution, anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, combating trans-national threats, economic security and oversight of state privileged information. The candidates must be able to prove above the average general culture, developed sense of observation, social and communication skills, high verbal and communication intelligence, good memory, high mental flexibility, objectiveness, ability to work under stress, self-control, emotional balance and capacity to improve and adjust to new situations. The SRI people also warned any prospective candidate that admission tests are not at all easy but also assured them that, once they are in, the work will prove to be exceptionally rewarding.

According to ‘Ziua’, the students had a variety of impressions after the meeting. ‘I didn’t know too much about the Service, it was more like SF, I thought that, if you join them, you somehow disappear from the public space. However, the approach today seemed very practical to me and, if I were to work there, I would definitely chose international relations’ said Teodora. Lelia, on the other hand, had always imagined that ‘SRI is an organisation where you enter with much difficulty’, but then she had realised it was not ‘an impossible dream’.

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