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June 25, 2022

News in brief

Comics salon in Iasi, in partnership with the French Cultural Centre

The BeDon comics’ salon is scheduled to take place for the first time in Iasi, on May 22 and 23, including numerous events, such as exhibitions by famous artists of this field, as Ciubi and Jup. The French Cultural Centre of Iasi and the “Mihai Ursachi” Culture House will organize conferences, round tables and book launches attended by guests from Romania and abroad. A drawing competition will reunite all comics’ fans and the broadcasts of films based on famous comics will remind the audience of the strong bond of comics and the cinema industry. The festival starts today, with a conference by the visual artist and architect Mati Botezatu from Iasi, hosted by the French Cultural Centre, entitled “Comics and Cinema.” The Copou Park will host today a drawing competition, followed by the opening of the exhibitions authored by the Jup (Lucian Amarii) and by Ciubi (Alexandru Ciubotariu), both from Iasi. On this occasion, Jup will launch his latest album entitled “Super Costel.” Also today, the French artist Emmanuel Lepage will open his comics’ exhibition. On Saturday, the “Mihai Ursachi” Culture House in Copou Park will host the projection of the “Asterix and Obelix” films and cartoons series.”

Films by Lucian Pintilie and Dan Pita, at Luna Cinema in Warsaw

ICR Warsaw presents a program dedicated to “prestigious predecessors” of the new wave of Romanian cinema – “Journeys to South.” The program includes the screening of the films “The Reconstitution” by Lucian Pintilie, “Competition” (1982) and “The Stone Wedding 2: At a Stone” (1972), directed by Dan Pita, “Sequences” (1982), by Alexandru Tatos, and “Tear of a Girl,” (1980), by Iosif Demian. The films will be run during May 29 – 31 at the Luna Cinema Theatre in Warsaw. “Although the extraordinary films made by young Romanian filmmakers appeared as a reaction to the tired, obstructing, artificial and tendentious formulas of the Romanian “du papa” cinema, there is a cinema tradition which is close to the Neo-Realistic and Minimalist tendency that has become the most defining feature of Romanian film for the last few years,” ICR Warsaw announces while presenting the “Journeys to South” overview.

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News in brief

Gorbunov case prosecutor disbarred from magistracy

Dolj Prosecutor Marius Vladoianu currently subject to a disciplinary investigation over the part he played in the release of Serghei Gorbunov from custody was disbarred by the Superior Council of Magistracy on Thursday for doing his duty in ill-faith. Vladoianu is the second victim of the affair after Judge Maria Nicola from the Dolj Tribunal was also excluded from magistracy end or April. The judge admitted Gorbunov’s motion for an interruption in the service of his sentence.

The main suspect in the double murder case at a Brasov exchange office at the time, Serghei Gorbunov who was serving a custodial sentence in the Craiova top security prison was temporarily released to undergo ophthalmologic surgery for glaucoma which he never did.

Ion Moraru, proposed for General Secretary of the Senate

The Deputy General Secretary of the Government, Ion Moraru, will be proposed for the position of General Secretary of the Senate and his position in the Government will most likely be fulfilled by Vladimir Manastireanu, presently State Secretary in Dan Nica’s cabinet, Agerpres announces. According to sources within PSD quoted by Realitatea TV, former Senator Ion Senator was promised ever since the election to be appointed General Secretary of the Senate; nonetheless, due to his experience as member of the Government, it was decided that he would keep his position for a few more months. Allegedly, former Deputy and actual State Secretary of the Premier Vladimir Manastireanu is most likely to be appointed in this position. Dan Vasiliu (PDL), the present General Secretary of the Senate, will be downgraded to the position of Deputy General Secretary.

Prince Radu denounces ‘politicised circus’ in Romania

Prince Radu who will stand for president this autumn thinks pelicans in the leadership of this country are too much worried about organising outdoor celebrations and accuses them of ‘irresponsibility, obtuseness and egocentrism’ during the current crisis, Mediafax reports. ‘This is no time for outdoor celebrations, of interminable electoral launches; actually, there is no reason for anyone to celebrate. If the politicised circus does not end, too many people in this country will definitely run out of bread,’ Prince Radu said in his press statement at the Elisabeta Palace yesterday morning.

He also pointed at the ‘two trends that are becoming more harmful for the society every day: the loss of performance of the public authorities and the dangerous cleavage forming between state and society.

Dispute over Coposu’s image

The sisters of the late PNTCD leader Corneliu Coposu, as well as the former PNTCD President Ion Diaconescu addressed a letter to Marian Milut, disputing his position as leader of the party and warning him not to associate his image with that of Coposu anymore, claiming that the gesture was mere “charlatanism.” The authors of the letter outlined that it was natural for the party to focus on Corneliu Coposu’s image, as he was a PNTCD member, yet they claimed that on various circumstances, Milut has underestimated “the faith and efforts of those who fought, struggled and rebuilt the party.” Milut is on the first position of the PNTCD list for European Parliament elections.

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News in brief

Only eight EU citizens will vote at EP elections in Romania

Only eight citizens from other EU states who have the domicile or residence in Romania have registered within the legal deadline on the electoral lists from the localities to which they belong and can vote at the poll for the European Parliament, the deadline for the fulfillment of this procedure being April 8.

According to the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs (MAI), only eight Community voters – as the citizens of other EU states who have the right to vote in Romania, having the domicile or residence in our country, are called in the regulations for the organizations of the EP elections in Romania – can vote on June 7.

In a media briefing from Thursday, the MAI state secretary Viorel Mihai Fifor presented details connected with the organisation of the EP elections by the institution that he represents.

FM asks Warsaw’s support for Danube strategy

Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu met his Polish counterpart Radoslaw Sikorsky in Warsaw on Wednesday. Talks focused on the European Strategy for the Danube, with Diaconescu asking for Poland’s support to put the strategy into practice within the European Union, according to a press release from the Foreign Ministry.

The two officials also discussed a bilateral strategic partnership project, focusing on issues of concern on European level, such as energy, farming policies and budget reform. Diaconescu and Sikorsky assessed the situation in the eastern vicinity of the European Union and underlined the importance of the Eastern Partnership to make countries that are part of the initiative to have a closer dialogue with the European Union. The countries involved are the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus. “The visit to Warsaw is relevant for Romania and Poland’s traditional interest in eastern area developments and comes at a moment when, after the launch of the Eastern Partnership, countries neighboring the EU to the east need support to acquire deep reform on the path of democratization,” Diaconescu said. The two ministers emphasized that countries aspiring for closer EU ties need to respect European standards and show their capacity to act in order to secure regional stability.

MAE looks for students endowed with diplomatic potential

Foreign Affairs Minister Cristian Diaconescu appreciated yesterday, during a meeting with university professors that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) failed to develop an accented public and cultural diplomacy, a fact caused also by “a lack of sophistication” showed by the Ministry, and demanded professors to look for gifted students that might be recruited by MAE, Mediafax announces. He outlined that MAE does not look for people that would have a good command of foreign languages, but for talented persons, “endowed with the capacity and willingness to focus on professional satisfaction, rather than on material earnings.” According to Diaconescu, the Ministry is in need of “top values,” “of people who have the ability to learn fast, but also the capacity to have patience,” people who would be invited to represent their country all over the world.

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