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April 17, 2021

Two million Romanians celebrated their patron saints Constantine and Helena

Almost two million Romanians, named after Saints Constantine and Helena, celebrated their patron saints Thursday. The feast of the Saint Emperors is one of the most important religious events for Romanians. Constantine and Helena are those who stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.

Also Thursday, the Patriarchal Cathedral too celebrated its patron saints, which are considered the protectors of the church.

On the occasion, Patriarch Daniel, together with priests and hierarchs, held the Saint Liturgy, while the bones of Saint Emperors Constantine and Helena and of Saint Dimitrie Basarabov the New, the protector of Bucharest, were taken out of the church in procession and were put on display under a baldaquin, near the Cathedral.

Parts of the bones of Saint Emperors Constantine and Helena were received as gift by late Patriarch Teoctist in 2002, from the Orthodox Church of Cyprus. Tourism Minister Elena Udrea attended Thursday’s mass at the Patriarchy, after an interview with religious TV channel Trinitas, in which she referred to ‘pilgrimage tourism,’ the tourist anthem, justice and honour.

Udrea recorded, for about an hour, an edition of “The church today” series themed ‘Tourism in Romania,’ when she talked about Romania’s tourist potential in general and the potential of pilgrimage tourism in particular. The episode was due to be aired Thursday, at 9:00 PM.

According to Udrea, the celebrations that draw most tourists are those organized on the occasion of Saint Mary.

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