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March 29, 2023

Becali withdraws request to be allowed to go to Monte Carlo

Gigi Becali has withdrawn his request to the Court to be allowed to go on holidays to Monte Carlo for a month, his lawyers saying that, if Becali is elected as a member of the European Parliament, he will have immunity and will be free to travel anywhere, otherwise he will just have to wait for the ban to expire, Mediafax reports. Becali’s lawyer, Gheorghita Mateut, yesterday said that the FC Steaua financier would withdraw his request, explaining that, in his view, the request should be granted by the prosecutors dealing with his client’s case and not by the court. Becali has submitted in court a notarized statement according to which he was withdrawing his request. The Bucharest District 1 Court had initially postponed hearing his request until tomorrow.

The court took this measure after it noticed the lack of a certain procedure at the deadline of yesterday, and ordered its remedy through subpoena. Becali’s lawyers declared last Friday that they submitted a request with the Prosecutor’s Office of Bucharest Tribunal, which set the deadline on Monday.

Gigi Becali has obtained so far in court the approval to travel within the country for his electoral campaign. At that moment, Bucharest District 1 Court had rejected his request to go abroad.

District 1 Court decided that 24 hours before leaving Bucharest or Ilfov County, Gigi Becali must announce the judicial authorities about his destinations. The decision was attacked with recourse which was judged one week later at Bucharest Tribunal, but the Tribunal maintained the decision of the lower court. In the motivation of the decision, District 1 Court shows that the interdictions were listed only partially in order that Becali may exert appropriately the constitutional right of being elected, any candidate having the right to campaign in view of his election.

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