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August 9, 2022

Over 500 persons lost their right to own, carry or use guns

The ‘Blizzard 2009’ nation-wide operation has resulted in the discovery of 1,100 firearms and 14,000 cartridges, with over 500 persons losing the right to own, carry or use a gun. The operation sought to discover those that illegally own firearms and ammunition. According to Mediafax, the Romanian Police informed yesterday that its structures specializing in weapons, ammunitions and toxic substances had conducted the ‘Blizzard 2009’ nation-wide operation from February to April this year. The operation sought to discover the persons that illegally own firearms and ammunition and to prevent incidents involving the use of firearms. The police officers discovered 1,363 felonies, of which 341 falling under the provisions of Article 279 of the Criminal Code, 922 felonies falling under the provisions of Law number 295/2004 regarding the failure to observe the weapons and ammunitions regime, and 100 felonies falling under the provisions of Law number 86/2006 (regarding the customs code). The operation also netted 1,111 firearms and 14,724 cartridges of various calibers. Of those, 154 firearms and 10,737 cartridges were lethal, 888 firearms and 1,754 cartridges were non-lethal but of authorized type, while 69 firearms and 2,233 cartridges were non-lethal and of unauthorized type. According to the aforementioned source, the police officers are prosecuting 1,235 persons, of which 1,215 on parole and 20 in custody. Likewise, 144 cases of illegal use of firearms have been discovered, with the firearms involved being legally owned in only 113 of those cases. The right to own, carry and use firearms was cancelled, revoked or suspended in the case of 503 persons. During the operation the police officers issued 444 fines, totaling RON 266,100. The lethal firearms that have been confiscated belonged to authorized physical persons that lost their rights to own, carry and use the firearms because they violated the legal provisions on the regime of arms and ammunitions.

`The illegally owned non-lethal firearms discovered during the action are compressed air guns (of various brands and calibers).

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